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Beers, Free Content and Tattoos : Building brands on the Internet

Posted by topofmind on September 8, 2006

Painful Viral Infection

I have recently been writing about Virals, especially how companies are desperately trying out new ways to be relevant to their target consumers. Ways to reach consumers have been changing, and advertisers are slow to catch on, but some are figuring that they gotta to something, anything. So what do you get? Well you get a whole lot of crud and you get some that just make you go “huh?”

My focus is mainly on the consumer goods and not on the Internet brands like Google or eBay or Newsvine.

Television, as we know it, is dying – oh it’s going to be painful, it’s going to be long and it’s going to be filled with false hopes. At one point, someone will have to redefine Television, but until that time, it will be bleeding viewers daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. It is losing the young viewers, and this is where the companies feel where the future of their business is.

The Internet : A series of tubes,

Tubes or not, advertisers chase where the young ones are going, and research is telling them that the young ones are going to this thing called the Internet, with all the social-what-you-might-call-it and that nasty So what do they do? Crate “Content.” and there is this thing called “user created content.”

Well, here are two examples of it.

Make It a Bud.

bud-tv.jpgThose in the industry have known for a while, but Budweiser is launching “A NEW GENERATION OF ENTERTAINMENT” here at in or around Feb 2007. 30 million US$ in investment, will feature “humorous” content created by their in-house studio. Read more details here.

Now, the thing is not even launched, and I have no crystal ball, but the popularity of recent “social websites,” is mainly because novelty of the new medium that allows people to connect with each other. Advertiser created content can be attractive, but isn’t that what Television was all about, don’t they call it soap operas because soap companies used to sponsor the lame content?

If what is planning to do is to bring Television onto the Internet, then that is 30 million down the tube (excuse me). If I want to watch TV, I can watch it on my 50 inch Plasma sitting on the couch with a Heineken, not crouched in front of a key board, watching grainy footage. Besides, if I don’t like Budweiser, just because I saw something funny on will not make me change my mind and that watered down excuse of a beer.

Can Tattoos help sell games?

crusty-demons.jpgThis is for a Video game called “Crusty Demon.” for the PS2. If you know what that game is all about great, you are part of the target audience. If you don’t know what that is, just take my word that it is a video game. If you absolutely must, visit the site here.

Sufficient to say the main target audience is male teens, or so the makers of the game think so. This is semi-user-created content – the kind of thing you will share with your buddies. There is a portion of the site where you can put tattoos icons and text on various parts of a women’s body. You can try it yourself or check out my .. er efforts here .

Ahh, interactivity. I am sure the site will get decent hits, but will it help sell the video game? Not so sure, but it is certainly a way to attract attention, I only hope that the game is worth it.

The Internet certainly is changing the way companies reach their consumers, it is a high risk game, but the stakes are high and their traditional-media ship is sinking fast. They are jumping ship, but are they doing the right thing to “build,” their brands?

Or can brands still be “built,” by the manufactures anymore?


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