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Owen Wilson does – You, Me and Dupree

Posted by topofmind on August 12, 2006

you-me-and-dupree-posters.jpg There are movies that should be made, and then there are movies that shouldn’t. I went to see the latest Owen Wilson fare with little to no expectations, and came back pleasantly surprised – not much, but it was enjoyable.

Now if you have seen most of Owen Wilson’s other movies, he plays the “lovable f@#k up,” that he has played in so many other of his movies, so nothing really new there. As much as I liked it earlier in his career in Shanghai Noon to Wedding Crashers it is getting old by now.

It is obvious that he can play other type of characters like he did in Behind Enemy Lines. I mean the writers must have had him in mind when they had him say that he was a “lovable f@#k up,” during one of the emotional scenes. Admittedly they needed such a character and they found the perfect fit in Wilson. While he was doing the same old thing here, there were some genuinely funny moments in You, me and Dupree.

The plot revolves around how such a lovable f@#k up crashes the newly wed life of Matt Dillon and Kate Hudson with hilarious results, then things go downhill, tears are shed, hurtful words are said, and an un-necessary chase ensues, and the marriage nearly breaks up. But in the end, Dupree manages to fix it all – and finds his calling in life. I doubt that I am giving too much away of this formulaic plot.

Having just said that there are some quite humorous lines and scenes in the movie – especially when Dupree had just moves in. Then there is a pretty funny discussion between Michael Douglas who plays the father-in-law and Matt Dillion about hyphenating Dillion’s character’s name, or the one with the vasectomy. And I found myself laughing out loud along with the rest of the audience in the theater in such scenes. And yes, there was an un-necessary scene with Hudson in heels and a bikini and Lance Armstrong (don’t ask)..

Matt Dillion played the emotionally repressed Carl who is losing his “Carlness.” Not a great performance, but it works. Kate Hudson plays the smart school teacher who works with inner city kids – come on!! can’t there be other nice professions that a women can have in these romantic comedy movies?

But the most notable performance came from Michael Douglas who plays Carl’s pushy father-in-law, who thinks Carl is a wuss; only because he was just reading his lines here. While I am a fan of Douglas, he was bought in for no other purpose than his star-power.

Don’t expect intricate plot lines, don’t expect great character development, but expect to see some genuinely funny moments, competent actors playing shallow characters and a movie that just allows you to tune off the world for about 90 minutes, then you got your movie right here.

There are movies that should be made, and then there are movies that shouldn’t. This movie falls somewhere in-between – if they didn’t make it, no one would have missed, but now that they have – give it a try, you just might come back, unexpectedly entertained.


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