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Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Reviewed

Posted by topofmind on July 9, 2006

If you liked the first one, then you should see it. If you enjoyed the character of Jack Sparrow – excuse me, Captain Jack Sparrow, then it is a must.


In some ways this is “just” another pirate movie – with buried treasure, dastardly pirates, ship-to-ship battles, mysterious strangers and spectacular swordfights. But this movie is so much more because of the different but really cool characters that inhibit the movie.

There are some returning characters and we find out so much more about them in this movie. They are as compelling – which makes us want to see the third movie, simply because we want to know more about them, what happens to them.

Captain Jack Sparrow : Depp does it again and this time it’s better. Because this time he gets to expend his character – he is still the quirky character from the first one, but you now see some dept to him. In the first one we always get the impression that he can be a “good man” but in this movie we see more evidence of that. But I do have to say that making “Jack” into a “good man,” might not be a good idea. We loved him in the first movie because he was such a scoundrel. Besides, in this one, we get to see some really evil characters and I am not referring to Davy Jones either. Either way Depp delivers and we look forward to having his character on the screen.

Elizabeth Swann : What can I say about Knightley that hasn’t been said before. She gets don breeches and gets to kick some dead-pirate butt. While I wish there was more, in a movie filled with interesting characters, she got some good screen time and mostly at the right moments.

Will Turner : Bloom also does his character well, but he is overshadowed by the other characters, especially the other male leads. But we learn some interesting things about him also and can look forward to whether he gets to keep his promises that he made in this movie.

Davy Jones & His Crew : The effects are well done and Jones and his crew are totally believable. If you think that the “Black Pearl” was cool the “Flying Dutchman,” is awesome.

There are other returning characters – some expected, and well loved, others unexpected and still well loved. The actions scenes are also well done and can be quite amusing. But you have to see them for yourself.

The movie, obviously sets it self up for the next movie and it does have a cliff hanger. We do want to know what happens next, but that is will not be the only reason that will bring us back to the cinema when the third movie comes out. Kinda like “I am your Father,” type of cliff hanger, we want to know if it is true, but we also want to know what happens to Han, Leia, etc..

Pirates is a very different type of movie from Superman Returns, but it gives you plenty of action, laughs and interesting characters to keep you amused for the rest of summer.


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