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Superman Returns on IMAX 3D

Posted by topofmind on June 29, 2006

Glorious 3DJust saw Superman Returns at IMAX 3D. Let me say that whether you are a fan of superhero movies, or adventure movies, you should go see it. If you have IMAX 3D in your area, drop everything you are doing – including reading this review, and see it now.Glorious 3D

Singer manages to bring back the magic of seeing the first movie. While I have seen a lot of different “wow” movies since then, I still felt goose-bumps when the opening credits rolled with John Williams theme. Yes, the theme has been redone for Return, but the opening was essentially the same. The end credits also ends the same as the first movie – except without Superman looking into the camera and waving/winking.

Daily Planet – while I haven’t seen the first movie in years, strongly reminds me of the first move – along with that rotating door into the building, where Clark Kent is always getting stuck/bumping into the door.

Jimmy Olsen is even more Jimmy Olsen than the one in he first one. Although the Olsen bit was overdone, I liked it.

Lois Lane. Well, all I can say is that Kate Bosworth is definitely not Margot Kidder in how she plays Lane. Somehow she didn’t feel like Lois Lane (even Terry Hatcher’s Lane feels like Lane) if that makes sense. She is more of a prettified Lane, but the spunk that Margot Kidder or even terry Hatcher showed as Lane is missing entirely. It’s almost like casting for Katie Holmes in Batman Begins – just doesn’t work.

Clark Kent/Superman. Because Brandon Routh spookily and strongly resembles Christopher Reeve, it made me feel that I really am watching Superman 3. I almost expected to see Margot Kidder opposite Routh in the movie. In fact he plays Clark Kent better than he plays Superman. While I think that Singer overdid the extreme close-up of Routh’s heavily pan-caked face, I am still reminded of Reeve. I guess that is a good thing.

Lex Luthor. I am a big fan of Kevin Spacy, he had some good moments in the film – like the very first time he takes off his wig and hands it to a little scared girl, but such moments a few and far between. They could have written Luthor better.

The Plot. Make no mistake about it, it is a chick flick, cleverly dressed up as an action adventure movie. The whole movie revolves around the different relationships – the one between Kent and Lane, Superman and Lane, Lane and her son and Richard, and the love triangle. There is a bit of a surprise late into the movie, although I kinda expected it from the trailers, which will (when there is a new Superman movie) bring a whole new side to Superman/Clark Kent.


So how was the overall experience? Because it was IMAX, visually it was stunning – everything was BIGGGGG, I mean, I have to turn my head around to take in some panoramic scenes – Metropolis, the Kent Farm etc.. and it was good, all good. Sound was great as well – both, of course, are expected at an IMAX.

Now here is the thing on the 3D part. Only some select scenes are rendered in 3D and generally they picked the right ones. I only wish they had picked the opening credit – where Krypton explodes. The “put on the 3D glasses” is a bit distracting as I keep wondering if I should put it on now or not. They have discrete, but easily visible “put the darn things on” sign flash seconds before the scene begins, which cues you to it.

While the 3D added to the overall movie, some fast cutting scenes were a bit confusing – don’t know if it was my glasses, or they were not positioned properly or the sync was off, things get a bit blurry when a lot of elements are on the screen – especially at the first one at Kent’s Farm where Clark, as a young teen, was running through the field. Other than that, it was a good experience that added to the overall movie.

Conclusion : This is perfect summer movie to see, not too heavy, not too light, with just the right amount of action, romance and wow.


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